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Welcome To Royal Shield Investment Ltd. RC1694562

Royal Shield Investment is a registered and Licensed Automative, Real estate and Investment company with head office in Abuja and Lagos. 

We sell a variety of Automatives from brand new to imports and even verified locally used.  

Our real estate agents amongst other things,  posses extensive experience in commercial property valuation as well as strong negotiation skill to benefit our customers.

We also help customers generate profits from investments and build up equity or ownership over time as prices appreciate. 

Our large customer base testify to our credibility and legitimacy.

  • Client focus

  All our client are important to us and we focus on strengthening the relationship we have with them by fully understanding their needs more so offering the best services available in the market place hence delivering best possible service.

   However, we have developed a client focus programme with teams established to develop and further strengthen our client handling skills.

 The credo of the company is captured by our values:

  • Excellence - we are dedicated to achieving merit in everything we do.
  • Integrity - we are open and honest in all our details.
  • Commitment and focus - we are committed to client's needs and the future success of the company.
  • Breadth of vision - we value highly the diversity of our people and are committed to our innovative and entrepreneurial approach.
  • We believe in ongoing investment in this capability which delivers real value for our client.
  • Our knowledge and  information management system are well developed and offer the high level support our management need to excel at the leading edge.

   In the recognition of the competitive nature of our clients' areas of commercial and business endeavor and in conformity with our dedication to the highest level of professional standard and ethics, we are able to guarantee the confidentiality for our client's documents, information, instructions, transactions,finance and properties.


To convert dreams that seems impossible into manifestation with our investment goals.


Providing profound ascension in opulence through digital ambience with keen attention to the ever dynamic global world.

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Real Estate



Client Photo
Macdonald Obasuke Hon

I have doubted the flexibility of meeting a true dealer on social platform but when I came in contact with Royalshield investment Ltd I got a very good services as they promised

Client Photo
Emmanuel Agbeh Achitect

I have seen people who went and purchased a stolen vehicle and later got punished for their your dealings with a licensed company for your safety. thanks to royalshield investment Ltd

Client Photo
Alhaji Alimoh

Many thanks to this prestigious company and all I can say is that their integrity stood upright

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