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Mercedes Benz C450 2016 foreign used


In the vast space that exists in the Mercedes Benz C-Class lineup between the entry C300 and the balls-to-the-wall 2015 Mercedes AMG C63, Mercedes-Benz currently offers the C400. Nice as that car is, though, one jack-of-all-trades model isn’t really suitable for spanning the divide, so Mercedes is bringing in reinforcements. Luxury-leaning, green-minded customers, for example, soon will have the option of the C350e Hybrid. And folks who might otherwise be attracted to the Audi S4 and the BMW 335i xDrive will be mightily tempted by the car here, the 2016 C450 4Matic. (Once the C450 arrives, in fact, it will replace the C400 in the lineup.)




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