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Toyota Land Cruiser VIP 2020




Based on the new Toyota Landcruiser, this highly reliable 4WD armored vehicle offers bulletproof and blastproof specifications with a reinforced body and an improved suspension. With excellent gas mileage and low risk of mechanical failure, the Landcruiser is the stable off-road vehicle used in mass quantities by the United Nations and many governments.

From the streets of New York to the sands of the Sahara, this vehicle blends into the landscape without being conspicuous, offering confidence and trust on tough rides, from high-speed freeway cruising to off-road in a jungle. The outer appearance of the vehicle does not give any hint of its bulletproof specifications. Armored features includes;

❶ Bulletproof battery
❷ Front door with bulletproof specifications
❸ Rear door with bulletproof specifications
❹ Rear bulletproof bulkhead
❺ Frame with high rigidity
❻ Firewall: Bulletproof partition


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